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Raid Schedule, Sign-Ups and Expectations
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Author:  Sarielle [ Fri Mar 07, 2008 3:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Raid Schedule, Sign-Ups and Expectations

Raid Schedule, Sign-Ups and Expectations

Raid Schedule

Our current raid schedule is as follows:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 9:30 PM to 12 midnight, Eastern Standard Time (which is also server time).

Raid Sign-Ups

We no longer utilize raid sign-ups. Core raiders are expected to be online and available for invites at 9 PM on scheduled raid nights. If you know you will not be able to raid, please notify an officer via forum post, PM, or in-game mail.

Gear Requirements

While we reserve the right to set minimum standards required to raid, at this point in our progression it has not been necessary to do so.


1. Be on-time. Invites begin 30 minutes prior to the raid's scheduled start time. You are expected to be logged on to your main character, ungrouped, and either in or en route to the raid zone at this time. You should not be in an Arena, Battle Ground or Heroic Instance. We have been lax about this in the past, operating under the unspoken assumption that raid attendance should be less strict in a "casual" guild. However, because we are casual, many of our raiders have limited playtime and will have to leave on time regardless of whether or not the raid starts on time. The 20 minutes that we spend dueling in a starting zone while five players finish their Daily Heroic could very well be the 20 minutes we need to down a new boss before 10 other people have to log off for the night.

2. Come prepared. While the Guild Bank will typically provide a feasts and flasks, it isn't something you should count on. The Guild Bank operates by donation and largely on the honor system, so its inventory changes from week-to-week, if not day-to-day. You are ultimately responsible for your own potions, flasks, elixirs, buff foods, oils and any other consumables necessary to make sure that you are at the very top of your game. On the same token, you should be fully repaired and have enough gold on hand to repair mid-raid if the need arises. If your class utilizes reagents, you should have an ample supply of those as well.

Needless to say, you should be specced and geared for PVE, with the best possible enchants and gems available to you. You should also have familiarized yourself with any new fights we will be attempting.

3. Bring a positive attitude. Yes, we will wipe. A lot. Every wipe is a learning experience, so don't let it frustrate you. Maintain a positive attitude, especially in raid chat or on Vent. Don’t panic every time you take a hit or die; keep it calm and professional. Finally, if things start to look bad, wait for the Raid Leader to call the wipe.

4. Ask questions if you have them. If you have never seen a particular encounter, be sure to let the Raid Leader know. Ask questions if you have them, or request clarification on any points that might be confusing to you. We’d rather explain something three times in three different ways until it “clicks” than charge headfirst into a fight that we aren’t adequately prepared for.

5. Learn from your mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, and no one is going to beat you up for yours; we just aren’t that type of guild. We just ask that you take any feedback or constructive criticism that is offered to you with an open mind, and refrain from making the same mistakes over and over again. (Yes, this includes me! I guarantee I won’t be stumbling into aggro range of Void Reaver again before Heart has taken so much as a swing at him.)

6. Don’t engage in pre-raid PvP. It wastes everyone’s time and makes summoning a nightmare. Don't do it. (“But they started it!” holds no water with me. Ghost-walk into the zone and let it go. Seriously.)

7. Keep the chatter on Vent to a minimum during boss fights. Let's face it: WoW is a game, and raiding is supposed to be fun! If you're one of those "serious business" types, then this probably isn't the guild for you. We never want to become the type of guild that tells its members that they can't joke on Vent or have a good time. That said, please understand that there is an appropriate time and place for everything and try to keep the unrelated chatter to a minimum during boss fights. Cluttering up the voice channel tends to distract other players, and can also make it difficult to hear instructions or warnings when they are called.

8. Don't post damage or healing meters in raid chat. WOL reports are uploaded at the end of each raid for those interested in assessing their performance. If you must compare damage or healing meters, do it in tells or join a dedicated chat channel for that purpose. (Officers are the exception to this. Sometimes it's necessary to post meters for a specific fight to analyze the reason for a wipe.)

9. And above all, have fun! It’s why we’re here. ;)

Author:  Sarielle [ Wed Mar 12, 2008 5:05 pm ]
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