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Author:  Sarielle [ Fri Mar 07, 2008 6:25 pm ]
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Our ranks are not intended to be hierarchical, but are rather a description of each member’s role and responsibilities in the guild.

All prospective raiders begin as Initiates. Think of this as a “testing the waters” phase. It represents a chance for prospective Members to become acquainted with the guild, to better determine if it is indeed a good fit for them. At the same time, it gives the guild an opportunity to get to know the Initiate. We strongly believe in investing in our members, be it in terms of time, effort or gear. In return, we request a commitment from them to abide by our Code of Conduct and to safeguard our reputation on the server. The Initiate phase ensures that neither side enters into this agreement blindly.

That said, we recognize that not every guild is a good fit for every person. If an Initiate decides to leave the guild for any reason, we will harbor no ill-will towards her. Similarly, we hope that she will have no hard feelings for us if we choose not to extend full membership at the end of her trial period.

Initiates can view and speak in guild chat, as well as view guild and officer notes. They receive full forum access and limited bank privileges, and are prioritized below Casual Raiders and Core Raiders for available raid spots. Initiates earn EPGP, but are not eligible for loot except as an alternative to sharding.

Our Members are non-raiding members of our guild — players who joined for the community rather than for the chance at a raid spot. It may also include retired raiders, or casual raiders who have fallen behind the "gear curve" and are no longer eligible to attend progression content.

Because this is a largely social rank, Members can view and speak in guild chat, as well as view guild and officer notes. They receive full forum access and limited bank privileges (not because we don’t love them, but because there is really no need for non-raiders to have access to raid consumables and the like). Members are prioritized below Raiders and Initiates for available raid spots in progression content, but are welcome to attend farm content for which they are appropriately geared.

(Casual) Raider:
Casual Raiders are capable of raiding at the guild’s current level of progression, but for whatever reason, choose not to on a regular basis. Some work odd hours and find it difficult to commit to a set schedule. Others prefer to spend their time in-game doing things other than raiding, but are still willing and able to join raid groups when we have a need of them. They are not expected to adhere to attendance standards, nor are they penalized for choosing not to raid on a given occasion. In exchange for this level of flexibility, they are prioritized under Core Raiders for available raid spots.

Casual Raiders have all of the privileges enjoyed by Members. In addition, they have limited access to the Raid Consumables tab of the guild bank.

Core Raider:
As their title suggests, our Core Raiders form the raiding core of our guild. They receive first priority for available raid spots. In return, they are expected to attend at least two out of three weekly raids; to post in the Attendance section of the guild forum for any raids they know in advance that they will miss; to be ungrouped when raid invites start; and to be on-time and either in the staging area or zoned-in to the raid instance at its scheduled start time.

Core Raiders have all of the privileges enjoyed by Casual Raiders. In addition, they have full access to the Raid Consumables tab of the guild bank. The guild will also provide enchanting materials and uncut gems to Core Raiders, when available, for main-spec upgrades earned in progression content.

Officers are entrusted with the responsibility of the guild's day-to-day management, as well as for acting as a council -- in conjunction with the Guild Leader and Raid Leader -- to make decisions about the present and future direction and development of the guild.

More specifically, they:
- assist with raid scheduling and organization
- manage the guild bank, including keeping the raid consumables well-stocked and assisting guild members with obtaining items from restricted tabs
- participate in the recruitment process, especially interviewing and trialing new and prospective members
- act as leads for their respective classes, providing guidance when necessary or requested and often managing class roles during raids
- vote upon promotions, demotions, guild merges, etc.
- maintain an active, helpful and lively presence in guild chat and on the message boards

Guild Leader:
In its current form, Guild Leader is a largely administrative position. With support from the Officers, the Guild Leader is responsible for maintaining and enforcing the guild's policies and procedures, as well as for administering the forum, website and Ventrilo.

Author:  Sarielle [ Wed Mar 12, 2008 5:07 pm ]
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